Modifier Key as a trigger in Keyboard Maestro

Maybe you know the application CheatSheet. By holding the -Key a bit longer it gets you a list of all active shortcuts of the current application. It's a good idea, but I found the panels with all the shortcuts a little bit overwhelming.

I prefer Cheaters by Brett Terpstra. It is customisable and you can add your own Cheatsheets.

So far I always accessed Cheaters with Alfred, but I felt there should be an even quicker way. How about tapping the -key twice?

Keyboard Maestro does not offer any modifier key as a hot trigger. After a little bit of digging in KM's wiki I found the USB Device Key Trigger to be appropriate. I had to configure 2 possible triggers, one for the internal keyboard of my MacBook and the other for the external Apple keyboard I'm using in the office. In both cases only the -key on the left is used:

Macro: Cheaters

As soon as Cheaters is activated I can use its quick switch, the f-key, to get to the desired sheet.

The USB Device Key Trigger is a clever feature to have. It's another example why I appreciate Keyboard Maestro so much.

Happy triggering.