Hi. My name is Markus Ackermann, nickname Acky. I'm living in the beautiful countryside near Bayreuth, Germany, together with my wonderful wife Linda and our dog Ruby.

I'm the partner of a company working in the professional audio industry. My job involves R&D, IT, technical support and documentation. I also designed and manage the company's website. I developed analogue studio gear in my early years, but since the beginning of the nineties I focus on digital audio.

In my spare time you might find me in the garden or the basement of our house, where all my music recording equipment is set up.

If you like you can get in contact with me:

About this blog

I started blogging together with my wife in 2003. We ran a small family blog which I had coded in PHP myself. In 2005 I became interested in WordPress and used it for my personal site. I wrote in German, my native language.

At the end of 2013 I reconsidered my online activities and decided to have a break, which lasted 'til August 2015. Encouraged by my wife I began publishing again. This time in English.

About this site

Although it started with WordPress, the site is now built and published with Pelican, a static site generator written in Python. It's hosted on our company server. All articles and pages are written in MultiMarkdown (like almost everything I write).

The site's design is my own creation. It was a good opportunity to learn new things, which I always like to do.