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The Kaweco BRASS Sport Fountain Pen Review ⇒


Josh Ginter:

The BRASS Sport, being Kaweco’s latest in its line of popular Sport pens, could be Kaweco’s most well executed Sport pen. The aluminum Sports have always held a special place in people’s hearts, but there’s something about the beautiful brass patina which makes the BRASS Sport my favourite pen in the Sport line. The patina’s specific finger placements and the fine nib’s distinct lines give the BRASS Sport an unprecedented amount of personality — at least in relation to the rest of my collection.

Fabulous review with lots of insights. I'm a big fan of Kaweco's fountain pens myself. When I go out I always carry the LILIPUT Silver together with a Field Note Notebook in one of my pockets.

Canisbos Safari Extensions ⇒


Canisbos Computing offers a big bunch of Safari extensions on their website. Especially DirectLinks is very useful:

When you click a link in Google search results, Google uses JavaScript to replace the actual link with an indirect one, which they use for click tracking. Google then redirects the browser to the actual destination after logging the click. DirectLinks disables the JavaScript that replaces real links with indirect ones, so that when you click a search result link, Safari goes straight to the destination.

The extension also removes the injected links when you are dragging the url out of Google's search results. Very nice!


iThoughts tutorials and styles ⇒


Mathew Mitchell has a lot of great tutorials on his website. I especially enjoyed watching his video iThoughts for writing. It shows how to develop and structure your ideas and to include some research from the web.

In addition he offers the gorgeous style of his mind map used in the video amongst others as a download. Check it out!


Write better Markdown ⇒


Brett Terpstra:

This post isn’t about proposing any standard or new flavors, it’s just about common sense guidelines that allow you to work with any processor. [...] The following guidelines will serve writers well across any flavor of Markdown, and provide portability between them.

Brett put together a comprehensive guide how to avoid any pitfalls using the Markdown syntax. His article is full of tips to "save yourself some pain".